We lend up to $500 faster than any other entity in Invercargill!

We at Zak Finance do one thing very well indeed: we lend up to $500 to people like you, in Invercargill. We get that money to you as fast as we can. We then make it really easy for you to pay it back over time with repayments of only $15 per week. If you get lucky and can pay us back earlier than you first thought, we will not charge you extra fees like some lenders do.

We know unexpected bills can be a shock.

Zak Finance is here to help and we think we can approve a small loan faster than most lenders. You don’t have to be an existing client to borrow from us. We will lend on items that you already own.

Do come and talk to us even if your application for a loan has been rejected by your bank or credit union. We have our own criteria for lending that might be different from other lender’s criteria.